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white winter background white a girl is dressed cozy dark hues

Fall & Winter Fashion 2017: What to Look Forward To

It's still plenty hot here in the West Coast so shorts and tank-tops are welcomed (more like encouraged). Everyone wearing summer outfits won't change that anytime soon; however, fashion is always speeding forward so retailers such as Topshop, Zara, and more are already introducing fall items in this 80-degree (and more) weather in Los Angeles. So...

What's on my radar? What am I excited about?

blonde woman sitting with a red dress on a dock for the lake with forest background


Something about red evokes power and boldness. It's quite attractive but I can't imagine myself draped in all red. Can't wait to see what retailers are planning to bring on

woman grinning with red lips and flannel while the sun is setting in the back


I love it for all seasons... just me? It's just so comfortable. Well, it's coming back this fall in full swing. I'm thrilled and will definitely buy several different colors and patterns.

picture shows the bottom portion of torso of female dressed in white dress shirt and tan midi skirt

Midi Skirts

Hallelujah! I "graduated" mini skirts long ago and Maxis are great but I always craved something in between. Sometimes I want to show my legs (not all like a mini would do) while it's form-fitting (or not). I'm definitely on board the midi-train and will be buying tons of different styles, colors, pattern, and material. All aboard!

brunette woman briskly walking through the forest while wearing denim top and bottom

Double Denim

Remember 2001 AMA, where Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore all denim? If they can do it, we can too, right? Of course with some discretion because you'll look like you traveled to the future from 2001. I like the modern take on it now; not so 2001 Britney. Denim is a staple in everyone's closet and it'll never go away.

to the left: bearded man is in a 2-piece different grey colored suit with a white collared shirt and red necktie. on the right: a curly brunette woman is wearing white collarless top with a same grey colored powersuit

Office Wear

Everyone looks amazing in office wear. Let's imagine that you want to make a great first impression; how are you dressed? Forget the context (irrelevant) and I bet you said, "Office wear", right? Something about a clean crisply dressed lady or gentleman just spikes your interest, right? This is one style that's timeless.

a brunette woman is wearing a shiny 3/4 sleeve dress while sitting on a white couch


Whether it's accessories (i.e., bags, shoes, jewelry, and more) and/ or the entire outfit. Shiny is going to be ever-so-present this fall and winter. I am loving it! I plan on mixing all of the different types of metals. Not only just accessories but as in outfits as well. It can turn a great ensemble into something dazzling.

woman wearing black leather jacket and gold colored satin shirt

[Patent or not] Leather

James Dean has made the leather jacket iconic. It will never go out of style; however, just like the "Double Denim" look, the whole outfit of leather will be common this Fall and Winter. Also, I saw that patent leather will be coming in strong, too, which is interesting because The Matrix came out 1999 (a whole 18 years ago). Talk about a flashback.

woman leaning against a fossilized tree root while sunbathing in a leopard patterned dress with a view of a large body of water in the background


Leopard is just a beautiful pattern and it can accentuate your outfit when done correctly. It makes people look so exotic and I have yet to see leopard looking terrible on someone. Some would say that it's played out but I would like to say that it's perfect for Fall when brown hues are abundant.

snow briskly falling down upon the red headed woman dressed in a fur trimmed puffer jacket

Puffer Outerwear

Not sure if LA will be cold enough to wear puffer jackets. But this trend is one I'm less excited about since there hasn't been one that highlights a women's figure. Instead, the jacket makes women look like the Michelin Man. Surprisingly, I did see a couple this year in Paris Fashion Week runway.

profile view of red-headed women dressed in a tan colored fur hooded jacket

[Faux and Real] Fur

I've seen this trend repeating and don't think it'll ever go out of style. However, it is interesting how it evolves and morphs into current styles. Remember fur vests? I found mine from 2013 and attempted to revive it this past fall but something looked off. I looked dated. I guess some things aren't classic pieces to save in your closet like the LBD (Little Black Dress). Time to update my faux fur collection.

Asian women leaning against a railing dressed in a black and white winter floral patterned dress

Winter Floral

Spring florals. Summer florals. Now Winter florals. Almost a year of flower prints. Some might say it's an overkill but I think winter florals are brilliant. It brings bloom in such supposed gloom [weather/ season]. The subtle difference is the romantic quality of it and I'm on the hunt for the perfect piece this season. The Darker hues, long sleeve, and maxi cut just exude romance.

What are you looking forward to?
Cheers, XO.

July 26, 2017 by Avery J.
How to Beat the Heat (Budget-Friendly Tricks Everyone Can Use When It Gets Too Hot)

How to Beat the Heat (Budget-Friendly Tricks Everyone Can Use When It Gets Too Hot)

I love Summer but hate the heat. Fortunately, we're blessed with air conditioners and ways to avoid all that torture but here are some (budget-friendly) alternatives to explore:

brunette women leaning on brick wall wearing a brightly colored cotton tank top

1) Wear Cotton
Wear light-colored, loose-fitting, lightweight cotton which provides excellent ventilation and airflow.

a person is applying cold pack onto upper shoulder

2) Pulse Point Cool Down
Apply cold or ice packs to pulse points (i.e., wrists, neck, ankles, elbows, groin, cheeks, soles of feet, or behind the knees) to quickly cool down.

silver shower head view from bottom up of water running

3) Fresh & So Clean
Shower and/ or bath as needed with cool or tepid temp. water. It will bring down your core temperature and also wash all the sweat/ stink off. Yesss!

window sill shadow in a dark room

4) Turn It Off. Unplug.
Keep rooms cool by unplugging majority of your electronics and turning off lights that you don't use.  Not only will it get cooler but your bills will decrease. Win-win!

in the middle of a mall and view of shoppers on different floors

5) Explore the Great Outdoors Indoors
Spend the hottest part of the day in shopping malls, libraries, movie theater, or any other places with air-conditioning on blast.

grey couch with table. on top of table ice cold water and pitcher in front of fan

6) Ice Tricked Out
Did you know that air conditioners work by directing air over a cold coil?
Turn your AC off and set a shallow bowl or pan full of ice in front of your fan. Enjoy the cool breeze for less.

a peron's shadow of spraying liquid over face


7) Work Smarter; Not Harder
Store your lotions (body and facial) and hydrating facial spray in the fridge. Keep it cool and when you need a quick refreshing break.

three multicolor hot or cold reusable water bottle

8) Hot/ Cold at Your Fingertip
Purchase a hot & cold water bottle. During summer, freeze it and in winter, heat it then take it to bed for a soothing, comfortable sleep.

someone's hand opening the fridge

9) Cool Sheets
Place bed sheets and/ or blankets into a large plastic bag and then stick them into the refrigerator or freezer. Pull them out couple minutes before bedtime.

a tall glass of cold water with condensation on top of a wooden table

10) Hydrate-All-Day
During warmer days, there's tendency to dehydrate easily. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol since it promotes loss of fluids and worsens heat exhaustion. Instead, drink more fluids (minimal of eight glasses of water, fruit or veggie juice per day).

In conclusion, be aware of your body and its needs. Exercise common sense. If the weather is unbearable then stay inside, drink lots of fluids, and stay cool. Since youth, elderly, those who are sick, and pets dehydrate easily, make sure to be attentive and pay close attention.

Have a Fab Summer!
Cheers, XO.


July 19, 2017 by Avery J.
How to Make Your Clothes Fit You Perfectly

How to Make Your Clothes Fit You Perfectly

One size does NOT fit all including clothing sizes like small, medium or large. We all come in every beautiful shape and form so to think that a generic "small", "medium" or "large" would fit everybody perfectly is unreal. For example, I order medium-sized maxi dresses and it typically fits well except it's too long and drags everywhere (picture a "human broom" sweeping everything and everywhere I go). Does that mean I spend time hunting for the "unicorn" maxi(s)? No, I love all maxis from [practically] every brand plus there's no way I'll purchase a size smaller either (comfort yet stylish is my go-to fashion) so then what are my options?

There are options but the real question is what's your short vs. long term game plan? Are you wondering why I ask that question? It's to determine what you're willing to spend to achieve the look you want. I'm a stylish thrifty shopper which means if I buy something I will wear often. Fashion is an investment.

First thing, make sure to wash, as instructed, couple times before altering your item(s) since there will be shrinkage. If it still doesn't fit perfectly, then check the options below:

Option 1 (temporary quick fix): 

  • A unique way to shorten the length without permanent alterations.
    • Knot the bottom of dresses-- Jazz up your outfit with a knot and give it flareBlogger: Mommy in Flats wearing Floral Bouquet Maxi Dress with a bright blue backgroundInstagram user classymamadesigns wearing Floral Maxi Dress. Lower view
    • Belt it-- Use a thick belt to hide the excess fabric and bring the length up to secure it underneath the beltslender, blonde woman leaning on white chair wearing belted, floral dress
    • Safety pins-- Use safety pins to shorten the length by faking a re-waisting from the inside but you'll still need something to cover it up (i.e., belt) on the outside. collage of safety pin temporary maxi dress length fix
    • 1) Flip inside out and fold the amount of fabric you need shortened. I needed 4 inches off so I can wear it with flats. 2) Grab all your safety pins and pin them close to the empire line from the inside. 3) You should have more safety pins closer to each other so it's more secure 4) Flip inside out again review your pseudo-hem to see if you need to secure with more safety pins. The line might not be straight but don't worry, you'll cover that with a belt. 😁

Option 2 (semi-permanent):

  • A middle ground between leaving it as is and getting it permanently tailored.
    • Hem tape-- Purchase an iron-on hem tape like Dritz Stitch Witchery and use as instructed to the bottom of the dress. It may not look professional but it gets the job done and is more secure. 
    • Sew-- if you have the knowledge and know-hows, try. Practice makes perfect and you won't spend additional money so it's very budget-friendly.

hands of a someone hand sewing something

Option 3 (permanent)

  • Find your local dry cleaners:
    • You can just search "tailors and alteration near me" into your preferred search engine and a list of qualified professionals will pop-up. Don't forget to take your preferred shoes (i.e., flats and high heels) to see what length you want your maxis. Professionals will measure you there.woman with curls is measure and fixing an article of clothing
    • DIY-- if you're capable of doing it yourself and great at sewing then measure, cut, and sew. 
There's so many options to choose from but I prefer option 3 to get professional alteration (it's headache-free). Once fixed, I don't have to worry about how it fits since it was tailored for me so it's an Avery (sorta) Original. What are some other options that I'm missing? Please share.

Cheers, XO.

July 12, 2017 by Avery J.
Welcome Back to Reality, Gozon Guys & Gals!

Welcome Back to Reality, Gozon Guys & Gals!

The best part of a long weekend is having the time to enjoy whatever you're doing but coming back to reality afterward is when the struggle is DEFINITELY real. That's exactly what I am feeling right now. I can't focus, I look extremely exhausted even with makeup on, plus my mind feels so "foggy". I like to think that these are all symptoms of a weekend well spent. 😉

You can NOT rewind time but you can take preventative measures to help get you bouncing back quicker.

The day before you return back to work to become a productive member of society, try the following:

mixed salad of chopped lettuce, cucumbers, corn, purple cabbage, carrots, and some soft boiled eggs

  1. Eat healthier like raw foods such as salad, fruits, and anything that is enriched with vitamins and nutrients (please, avoid any processed meals).someone unidentified under the covers in bed sleeping with both their feet sticking out with minimal lighting in a room
  2. Plan well and squeeze in as much of 8hrs of sleep as possible. The root to your exhaustion is the lack of sleep and [physical] overexertion. Try to get back to your normal sleep schedule. back of a person's head submerged in a bath with clear water
  3. Pamper yourself. Don't typically take baths? Take one with something extra. Maybe some loose tea leaves or a bath bomb. a lady that is getting a facial with cucumber slices on top of her eye while relaxing
  4. Got a sudden irritation on your face? Or break out? Thoroughly wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply some sheet masks. iced cold water that's infused with slices of mint plus lemon and lime slices
  5. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Cannot be stressed enough. The fatigue you feel can be directly correlated to not having enough water. It also doesn't help that it's been hot. 

If you do the above at least 24 hours ahead then there will be less likelihood of sluggishness and to be weary. Good luck and just remember the weekend is close.

Cheers, XO.


July 05, 2017 by Avery J.
"Finally, 4th of July Weekend" text over sparkler and American flag in the dark

Independence-Filled Weekend

What do I think of when I think of Fourth of July? A weekend filled with BBQs, beaches, traveling, watching fireworks, and more. An extra, long weekend with so many options, unlike the typical weekend. However, since it lands on a Tuesday (weird day) most [working] adults won't get the anticipated 4-day weekend unless you use one of your vacay days. 😉 The perks of heading into work on Monday, July 3rd:

  1. No traffic! What a treat.
  2. You're making money instead of spending it. Cha-ching!! 💰
  3. Catching up on all your work.

Either way, whether you get that extra day or not, it's July 4th weekend. I'll be enjoying plenty of direct sun rays (YAY, Vitamin D!), lots of eating (BBQ on top of BBQs) and planning to watch fireworks.

Outfits for the weekend:

Beach, please:

Flatlay of beach ensemble with black one piece swimsuit, flowery green coverup, flipflop, and sunblock



Stars and stripes tshirt with a black chiffon shorts and black crocs slipper and Swatch watch

Baby, You're a Firework:
red flower patterned black maxi dress with black Dolce Vita bucket bag, choker, sunglasses, and bracelet

  • Dress: Baroque Floral Skater Maxi Dress
  • Bag: Dolce Vita Collection // Isabella Leather Bucket Bag [unfortunately unavailable]
  • Accessories: choker, faux leather bracelet, and sunnies (generic brand)

Hope everyone has an amazing, fun-filled weekend! I know I am. Remember, you're not the only one on the road so utilize rideshares like Uber & Lyft.

Cheers, XO.


10 Summer Must List

10 Summer Must List

Yay, it's officially summer! Not that it makes a difference in some areas, *ahem* Southern California, but there are so many fun things to do any place. Here's my 10 Summer Must List:

 man, white dog, woman are above a cliff view after a hike

10) Hiking

Check out your local trails with your friends and/ or furbaby(s). If you don't know of any, do a search with terms like "trails near me" and you will get a list of places you can check out nearest you. Make sure to be prepared and have lots of sunscreen plus water available. If you're heading out to a trail with your pupper, please check if the ground is too hot. Click BuzzFeed's simple trick to avoid jeopardizing your loveable doggo. 

outdoor camping with tent and a firepit while sun is setting

9) Living Outdoors (JK-- Camping, Glamping, Fishing Trip, and more)

Venturing out of your concrete jungle to get back to nature can be memorable and fun but remember "you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl". Be prepared and take all your essentials for a pleasurable experience. Remember, the best part of the outdoors is being present and living in the now. Try to unplug and get out there.

group of people sitting on a mat having a picnic

8) Picnic

Enjoy a beautiful day with your sweetheart and friends with a potluck picnic or pack a romantic picnic for just two. Either way, you and your company will have an amazing day enjoying the much-needed sun exposure and Vitamin D enrichment. Don't forget the picnic mat/ blanket, sit comfortably on top of the grass or ground.

woman biking casually wearing a dress

7) Bike Ride (With or Without a View)

Get lost in the magnificent view and forget that you're also working out. Feel guilt free swallowing whatever-you-like (i.e., pizza and dessert, and more) afterward for an epic reward. Also, biking doesn't have to be a costly sport. Especially, if you're not planning to go biking every weekend just rent from your local sporting goods store.

outdoor movie screening event where people are gathered

6) Outdoor Movies

The best part of summer is the many outdoor screening options available. Unlike cold, closed-off theaters, view under the open sky and let the warm breeze brisk by. Not sure of any in your area, type the following phrase into your search browser for "outdoor movie screenings near me" and a list will pop-up. Additionally, the food selection is better than typical concession stands.

double scooped ice cream held in hand with blurry beach background

5) "I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice-Cream!"

Ice-cream is synonymous with summer days as hot cocoa is with Winter. Search for unique, premium to artisanal quality ice cream that'll help cool you down. My ultimate favorite, hands down, still is Scoops in Los Angeles (their Brown Bread. Drool!!)

men and women running towards the ocean from the beach dressed in swimsuits

4) The Water-Side

Beach, pool, lake... any body of water is where you'll catch most people "living". Something about big bodies of water is attracting when the heat rises. If you're planning to go, too, make sure you have a canopy/ umbrella to reduce excess sun rays and something to sit on like a beach towel to avoid possible first/ second-degree burns. Most importantly, HYDRATE! Just being in the water doesn't mean you're hydrated.

everyone facing one direction while the 3 girls closest seemed to have come together

3) Concerts & Festivals

The season of concerts and festivals are upon us, plan ahead and buy your pre-sales, if possible. Checklist for the basic survival necessities:

check off list of being on-the-go

Hope you get to partake in the most memorable ones.

different variety of meat and veggies on top of the bbq grill while background of people

2) BBQ Parties

BBQs are the epitome of summer and for any occasion that involves having people gather in small to large groups. Don't get the misconception that BBQs are boring because I've attended my fair share of the wildest BBQs, which I cannot share, but let's say that "no great story ever started with a salad". If you have the right people, anything and anywhere can be fun.

people dining in the patio area which is located outside of the restaurant

1) Outdoor Dining & Rooftop Bars

More restaurants and bars are opening their outdoor areas to accommodate their patron demands. As nights are getting warmer, eating and drinking on the patio is the preferred preference.

Summer is for making memories! It doesn't matter what you're doing, it's the company you keep. 

Cheers, XO.


Take My Picture

Take My Picture


 I have been looking for this wall and this dress my entire (blogging) life. Literally, I was on my way to shoot this too-comfy-to-be-so-chic maxi dress from Gozon when serendipity brought this art into my life. I didn't even know I was looking for it until I found it, but isn't that always how it works? The visual statement is so delicious - a blogger having her photo taken in front of a literal wall of photographers! I love it so much. Stumbling upon things like these are why I love L.A. so much - art lurking around every corner that helps me express my art.

Things I love: lavender hot chocolate, mornings in Greece, lobster rolls, fresh flowers, swimming in the sea and floral dresses. I love floral dresses so much, I try to wear them in the winter. I love them so much, I will wear them to the grocery store - which, admittedly, is probably a bit extra. Of all the dresses I have, this is one of my absolute favorites because the cut is SO flattering, there are pockets (!!!), the print is lush yet muted on the black background, and it's so long and sweeping. It really lends a little drama to an every day dress, and I live for that. I also really love the narrow cut at the neckline because for someone like me with very wide shoulders, it creates a slimmer look. More swan-like neck, less football player. I will have the dress on repeat all summer long! And fall, and winter...let's be honest. Perfect dresses and perfect murals and perfect moments are so hard to find, so I'm going to relish this one and try create more as this journey continues!

June 16, 2017 by LOVE GOZON
Going Floral With Gozon

Going Floral With Gozon

By. Alison Barker

There are a lot of trends I love that include tassels, metallics and of course pom poms. But no trend like florals stands the test of time and can be seen year after year on the runway. Remember Miranda Priestly from the Devil Wears Prada? "Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking."

They aren’t ground breaking, but they’re classic and I’m sharing four of my favorite floral pieces from Gozon.

If you haven’t heard of Gozon, you need to immediately click HERE and go check them out. They have the cutest pieces to create feminine, boho and chic looks and everything is affordable! The four items I’m sharing are beautiful, sophisticated and great for any occasion.


The Water Color Floral Maxi Dress

 I can’t say enough about this dress. The print is pretty and feminine with navy blue and floral accents of pink, white and aqua. The material is so soft and even though it’s super comfortable and has the classic empire waist, it’s still very flattering to anyone’s shape. I love the extra features this dress has. The razor back gives it a little added detail and what girl doesn’t love pockets! I love this dress for any occasion, but it would be perfect for brunch, a baby or bridal shower and even the office. $39 Shop it HERE!


 The Floral Dolman Cardigan 

 I love the kimono craze for any occasion. This floral cardi is not only pretty with the pale pink design, but is sophisticated with the three quarter length sleeves and the slit detail on the sides. I love anything that's versatile and I paired it with a  simple black bodycon dress and block heels for work and a couple days later wore it to the beach as a bathing suit cover up. It’s definitely makes a statement at the beach ladies! $34. Shop it HERE!


 The Baroque Floral Skater Dress

I’m always looking for dresses for work that are on trend, comfortable and make me feel beautiful. A dress that I can go to a meeting in and still be comfortable enough sitting behind my computer all day. The Baroque Floral Skater Dress meets all my criteria and more. This dress is so classy and sophisticated. I love the colors of black, pink and red, which quite honestly I would never think of pairing together. But the combination definitely works and is perfect for all year long. The cut is flattering with a v neck, three quarter length sleeves and self tie at the waist. Ladies, this dress would work for the office, church and any day or night occasion. $39. Shop it HERE!


The Floral Bouquet Maxi Dress 

Just as the Water Color Floral Dress above, this one is also very comfortable, has an empire waist, razor back and pockets. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a girl who wears pink a lot. But as soon as I put it on I was in love. The dusty pink is so feminine and I love the black, white and blue floral pattern mixed in. This dress would be perfect for any day occasion including, a bridal/baby shower, a day at the races or any summer soiree! $39. Shop it HERE!


Yours always in fashion, Alison xoxoxo

 Follow me @thefrugalfashionistaofoc to see all my daily fashion posts! Click here to see more blog posts!

June 15, 2017 by LOVE GOZON


By. The Indie Girl




I'm seriously freaking out about how much I love this double sided copper zipper black bodycon dress from, which fits like the sexiest glove on earth and then hits demurely below the knees, elongating your shape as well as showing it off. My collection of Little Black Dresses takes up half my wardrobe already, but this single dress has revolutionized the way I do date night style. As soon as I saw it on online, I instantly got an Italian Riviera vibe, dripping in equal parts romance and class. With your hair slicked back in a classic bun, and the perfect light leather jacket, chic and subtle accessories turn this bombshell body-con into a very elegant number for your night out.



June 15, 2017 by LOVE GOZON

Making a Statement: How to Style a Basic Black Dress

Mommy in Flats

I think it’s fitting that I end May with a major statement piece after spending the month, well, making a statement about postpartum depression (I plan to keep it up, so bookmark this page to read the latest stories or to go back and check out our whole series). This dress is a little like PPD in that it’s true potential is hidden by the standard of a black dress. At first glance, it looks like a simple, basic piece. It’s simplicity is beautiful in and of itself but it’s a different kind of beauty than the unlocked potential created by a few well chosen accessories. Like the face of motherhood, this dress can be many things but none of them are simple, basic, or insignificant.

Let’s take a look at the un-enhanced lines of the dress. It drapes beautifully and cascades down the leg giving a little peek of skin beneath a knee length slit. The skirt is not full so the slit allows for an amazing amount of movement. Also, it has pockets. Have I mentioned how much I like pockets? If pockets are your thing you need to check out this new online boutique. Almost all of Gozon’s dresses have, you guessed it, pockets.
Here’s the thing. The dress is made of a stretchy jersey material- think yoga pants in a dress. Out of the box, you might think it’s a casual piece and it can be. It’s beautiful and comfy and did I already say it has pockets? I could have easily throw this dress on for a day at the pool and it would be perfect. Give me a straw hat and a margarita and some sun and I’d be set. But, the forecast was rain, rain, and more rain, and when I saw this dress the drama hit me. All I needed was a belt (from my closet), some great shoes (from zappos), and some subtle jewelry. I checked the weather hoping for clouds but grabbed my umbrella just in case.

As we left the house, it was pouring, go figure. Just my luck. But, here’s what transpired: drama, beauty, and glamour. 


“Last week, I featured a shirt that emphasizes hope after the storm. But, sometimes, you just need to throw your hands up and dance in the rain.”

How to turn any dress into a statement dress:

1. Choose a solid color and a simple design. It doesn’t have to be black but keep it solid (no pattern, stripes, or lace for this look). If you love red or pink or pale blue: go for it. The cut and flow of the dress are more important than the color. For my base layer you’ll note three things: the rounded edges of the skirt which give the dress interest and a unique shape, the dramatic slit that creates movement without the excess fabric of a full skirt (though full skirts are beautiful too), and the surprise cut out in the back that balances a little skin with the modesty a maxi dress provides.

2. Add accessories. The accessories transform this dress from pool side to oscar ready. The belt, I had chosen for another dress and threw it on almost as an afterthought. I mean, it’s brown. When I think glamour I don’t think brown on black, but it worked. Which brings me to another point: experiment. You can never be sure how things will look just hanging on a rack.

3. Pick a theme and go with it. This dress could have easily gone edgy with a spiky belt and some large reflective earrings. I’m a vintage girl so my first thought was to romance it up with antique clip on earrings and vintage inspired heels (yes, I’ve traded in my flats- but I still keep it at a knee-safe 2 inches or fewer). Keep in mind that shoes in a funky color can add visual interest and help dress up your basic wardrobe items.

4. Hair and makeup. You can take any look (yes even yoga pants or a graphic tee) from blah to wow with the right hair and makeup routine. I’ll be honest, I spend less than 10 minutes on my makeup on any given day (see my routine here). My hair here may have taken about that long here as well (one quick tip for hair styling, save your curls for day old hair, it holds shape and syle much better than freshly washed locks). I wanted to go for romance, glamour, and drama with this outfit, so I paired a red lip with tousled flapper-esque hair.

There you have it. Making a statement doesn’t have to be about straying from the basics. It just takes a little effort and some creativity.

Dress: c/o Gozon
Belt: Mossimo
Shoes: Earth (on sale now!!)
Umbrella: Totes
June 05, 2017 by LOVE GOZON