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How to Beat the Heat (Budget-Friendly Tricks Everyone Can Use When It Gets Too Hot)

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I love Summer but hate the heat. Fortunately, we're blessed with air conditioners and ways to avoid all that torture but here are some (budget-friendly) alternatives to explore:

brunette women leaning on brick wall wearing a brightly colored cotton tank top

1) Wear Cotton
Wear light-colored, loose-fitting, lightweight cotton which provides excellent ventilation and airflow.

a person is applying cold pack onto upper shoulder

2) Pulse Point Cool Down
Apply cold or ice packs to pulse points (i.e., wrists, neck, ankles, elbows, groin, cheeks, soles of feet, or behind the knees) to quickly cool down.

silver shower head view from bottom up of water running

3) Fresh & So Clean
Shower and/ or bath as needed with cool or tepid temp. water. It will bring down your core temperature and also wash all the sweat/ stink off. Yesss!

window sill shadow in a dark room

4) Turn It Off. Unplug.
Keep rooms cool by unplugging majority of your electronics and turning off lights that you don't use.  Not only will it get cooler but your bills will decrease. Win-win!

in the middle of a mall and view of shoppers on different floors

5) Explore the Great Outdoors Indoors
Spend the hottest part of the day in shopping malls, libraries, movie theater, or any other places with air-conditioning on blast.

grey couch with table. on top of table ice cold water and pitcher in front of fan

6) Ice Tricked Out
Did you know that air conditioners work by directing air over a cold coil?
Turn your AC off and set a shallow bowl or pan full of ice in front of your fan. Enjoy the cool breeze for less.

a peron's shadow of spraying liquid over face


7) Work Smarter; Not Harder
Store your lotions (body and facial) and hydrating facial spray in the fridge. Keep it cool and when you need a quick refreshing break.

three multicolor hot or cold reusable water bottle

8) Hot/ Cold at Your Fingertip
Purchase a hot & cold water bottle. During summer, freeze it and in winter, heat it then take it to bed for a soothing, comfortable sleep.

someone's hand opening the fridge

9) Cool Sheets
Place bed sheets and/ or blankets into a large plastic bag and then stick them into the refrigerator or freezer. Pull them out couple minutes before bedtime.

a tall glass of cold water with condensation on top of a wooden table

10) Hydrate-All-Day
During warmer days, there's tendency to dehydrate easily. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol since it promotes loss of fluids and worsens heat exhaustion. Instead, drink more fluids (minimal of eight glasses of water, fruit or veggie juice per day).

In conclusion, be aware of your body and its needs. Exercise common sense. If the weather is unbearable then stay inside, drink lots of fluids, and stay cool. Since youth, elderly, those who are sick, and pets dehydrate easily, make sure to be attentive and pay close attention.

Have a Fab Summer!
Cheers, XO.



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