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10 Summer Must List

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Yay, it's officially summer! Not that it makes a difference in some areas, *ahem* Southern California, but there are so many fun things to do any place. Here's my 10 Summer Must List:

 man, white dog, woman are above a cliff view after a hike

10) Hiking

Check out your local trails with your friends and/ or furbaby(s). If you don't know of any, do a search with terms like "trails near me" and you will get a list of places you can check out nearest you. Make sure to be prepared and have lots of sunscreen plus water available. If you're heading out to a trail with your pupper, please check if the ground is too hot. Click BuzzFeed's simple trick to avoid jeopardizing your loveable doggo. 

outdoor camping with tent and a firepit while sun is setting

9) Living Outdoors (JK-- Camping, Glamping, Fishing Trip, and more)

Venturing out of your concrete jungle to get back to nature can be memorable and fun but remember "you can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl". Be prepared and take all your essentials for a pleasurable experience. Remember, the best part of the outdoors is being present and living in the now. Try to unplug and get out there.

group of people sitting on a mat having a picnic

8) Picnic

Enjoy a beautiful day with your sweetheart and friends with a potluck picnic or pack a romantic picnic for just two. Either way, you and your company will have an amazing day enjoying the much-needed sun exposure and Vitamin D enrichment. Don't forget the picnic mat/ blanket, sit comfortably on top of the grass or ground.

woman biking casually wearing a dress

7) Bike Ride (With or Without a View)

Get lost in the magnificent view and forget that you're also working out. Feel guilt free swallowing whatever-you-like (i.e., pizza and dessert, and more) afterward for an epic reward. Also, biking doesn't have to be a costly sport. Especially, if you're not planning to go biking every weekend just rent from your local sporting goods store.

outdoor movie screening event where people are gathered

6) Outdoor Movies

The best part of summer is the many outdoor screening options available. Unlike cold, closed-off theaters, view under the open sky and let the warm breeze brisk by. Not sure of any in your area, type the following phrase into your search browser for "outdoor movie screenings near me" and a list will pop-up. Additionally, the food selection is better than typical concession stands.

double scooped ice cream held in hand with blurry beach background

5) "I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice-Cream!"

Ice-cream is synonymous with summer days as hot cocoa is with Winter. Search for unique, premium to artisanal quality ice cream that'll help cool you down. My ultimate favorite, hands down, still is Scoops in Los Angeles (their Brown Bread. Drool!!)

men and women running towards the ocean from the beach dressed in swimsuits

4) The Water-Side

Beach, pool, lake... any body of water is where you'll catch most people "living". Something about big bodies of water is attracting when the heat rises. If you're planning to go, too, make sure you have a canopy/ umbrella to reduce excess sun rays and something to sit on like a beach towel to avoid possible first/ second-degree burns. Most importantly, HYDRATE! Just being in the water doesn't mean you're hydrated.

everyone facing one direction while the 3 girls closest seemed to have come together

3) Concerts & Festivals

The season of concerts and festivals are upon us, plan ahead and buy your pre-sales, if possible. Checklist for the basic survival necessities:

check off list of being on-the-go

Hope you get to partake in the most memorable ones.

different variety of meat and veggies on top of the bbq grill while background of people

2) BBQ Parties

BBQs are the epitome of summer and for any occasion that involves having people gather in small to large groups. Don't get the misconception that BBQs are boring because I've attended my fair share of the wildest BBQs, which I cannot share, but let's say that "no great story ever started with a salad". If you have the right people, anything and anywhere can be fun.

people dining in the patio area which is located outside of the restaurant

1) Outdoor Dining & Rooftop Bars

More restaurants and bars are opening their outdoor areas to accommodate their patron demands. As nights are getting warmer, eating and drinking on the patio is the preferred preference.

Summer is for making memories! It doesn't matter what you're doing, it's the company you keep. 

Cheers, XO.



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