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Welcome Back to Reality, Gozon Guys & Gals!

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The best part of a long weekend is having the time to enjoy whatever you're doing but coming back to reality afterward is when the struggle is DEFINITELY real. That's exactly what I am feeling right now. I can't focus, I look extremely exhausted even with makeup on, plus my mind feels so "foggy". I like to think that these are all symptoms of a weekend well spent. 😉

You can NOT rewind time but you can take preventative measures to help get you bouncing back quicker.

The day before you return back to work to become a productive member of society, try the following:

mixed salad of chopped lettuce, cucumbers, corn, purple cabbage, carrots, and some soft boiled eggs

  1. Eat healthier like raw foods such as salad, fruits, and anything that is enriched with vitamins and nutrients (please, avoid any processed meals).someone unidentified under the covers in bed sleeping with both their feet sticking out with minimal lighting in a room
  2. Plan well and squeeze in as much of 8hrs of sleep as possible. The root to your exhaustion is the lack of sleep and [physical] overexertion. Try to get back to your normal sleep schedule. back of a person's head submerged in a bath with clear water
  3. Pamper yourself. Don't typically take baths? Take one with something extra. Maybe some loose tea leaves or a bath bomb. a lady that is getting a facial with cucumber slices on top of her eye while relaxing
  4. Got a sudden irritation on your face? Or break out? Thoroughly wash your face with a mild cleanser and apply some sheet masks. iced cold water that's infused with slices of mint plus lemon and lime slices
  5. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Cannot be stressed enough. The fatigue you feel can be directly correlated to not having enough water. It also doesn't help that it's been hot. 

If you do the above at least 24 hours ahead then there will be less likelihood of sluggishness and to be weary. Good luck and just remember the weekend is close.

Cheers, XO.



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