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Black Friday Shopping Tips By Kelly Towart

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Today I am partnering with Gozon online boutique to talk about black Friday shopping. Some of my favorite holiday memories from when I was younger are of setting my alarm for 5 am to hit the mall early on black Friday with my high school besties. Once I had a license and my own car, black Friday shopping was not to be missed. It always felt like such an adventure to wake up so early (while all of the sane people of the world were all still fast asleep) knowing you were going to find the best deals of the year, and check off all the gifts on your Christmas giving list. After swinging by houses to grab my girl friends and stopping at the local gas station for coffee (Side note: Dunkin and Starbucks, you should really open early for us crazy black Friday shoppers so we can forgo the gas station coffee. Ok? Thanks.) we would make the hour long trek to KOP. KOP stands for the King of Prussia mall which at one point was the largest mall in all of America. It’s since been beat but it’s by far the biggest mall near where I grew up and it was always a treat to get to shop there. The day was always full of great finds, good food and fun time with friends.

These days I still head to the mall or the outlets on occasion but I also love how easy the internet has made things to shop from the comfort of your home on black Friday (or cyber Monday). There is still something really adventurous about braving the mall but I also have grown to appreciate shopping at small shops and cute online boutiques. I have found they often have better prices and more unique finds than the mainstream stores at the mall. The outfit I am wearing in the photos above, for instance, is from Gozon. Gozon boutique is an online boutique that specializes in women contemporary clothes. I have a number of pieces from them and always love the quality, uniqueness and price point. One of my favorite things about Gozon clothing is that it is all made right here in the USA. is a great online boutique to put on your list to check out this black Friday! You can also get 15% off with code KELLY15. And if you are heading out to the mall here are a few quick tips to make sure you get the most out of your time: 

1. Get social- Before buying anything in store make sure you check the brands Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account to see if they are offering any additional deals for their followers. Brands love loyalty and often give out a few extra goodies to those who have been following along for a while. 

2. Compare prices- These days its so easy to compare prices if you know where to look. Some of my personal favorite places to compare prices are Google Shopping , Price Grabber, Pricewatch and Shopzilla

3. Learn the stores policies- It's always a great idea to know what the return policies are (especially if there is a gift with purchase) as well as knowing if the store will price match items you find at a lower price elsewhere. More and more stores are willing to price match each year so make sure you know before driving that extra distance for the best deal! 

4. Make a budget- Yes. I said the B word. If you are not the type to historically stick to a budget (but really need to) then leave the credit card at home. Give yourself the gift of NOT paying interest on your credit card for the next 6 months. Try using a cash envelope system. If your worried you will miss out on something too good to pass up then bring an emergency envelope that has cash to go slightly over budget if you really need it. Just be aware that you will most likely end up spending it if you bring it so fill the "emergency envelope" sparingly. You may have to tolerate the distress of passing up a deal but you will thank yourself the rest of the year. You may even make switching to cash year round your New Years resolution ;). 

5. Wear comfortable shoes- Yes, I know how many people will see your adorable outfit as you shop on black friday so it's a great thing that athlesure is in right now. Pass up the heels or boots for some comfortable sneakers with good support. Being on your feet all day can be exhausting and no one wants to be the person complaining they want to leave the sales early because their feet hurt. Do your shopping buddies a favor and opt for the comfy kicks. 

Hope some of these tips are helpful for you as you gear up for shopping! I would love to hear what your black Friday traditions are and where you like to shop! I know its still a few weeks away but I hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful thanksgiving and day of black Friday shopping this year!



Dress: Gozon | Boots: Cole Haan | Hat: Banana Republic (similar here) | Bag: Chloe | Glasses: Tory Burch


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