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Fall & Winter Fashion 2017: What to Look Forward To

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It's still plenty hot here in the West Coast so shorts and tank-tops are welcomed (more like encouraged). Everyone wearing summer outfits won't change that anytime soon; however, fashion is always speeding forward so retailers such as Topshop, Zara, and more are already introducing fall items in this 80-degree (and more) weather in Los Angeles. So...

What's on my radar? What am I excited about?

blonde woman sitting with a red dress on a dock for the lake with forest background


Something about red evokes power and boldness. It's quite attractive but I can't imagine myself draped in all red. Can't wait to see what retailers are planning to bring on

woman grinning with red lips and flannel while the sun is setting in the back


I love it for all seasons... just me? It's just so comfortable. Well, it's coming back this fall in full swing. I'm thrilled and will definitely buy several different colors and patterns.

picture shows the bottom portion of torso of female dressed in white dress shirt and tan midi skirt

Midi Skirts

Hallelujah! I "graduated" mini skirts long ago and Maxis are great but I always craved something in between. Sometimes I want to show my legs (not all like a mini would do) while it's form-fitting (or not). I'm definitely on board the midi-train and will be buying tons of different styles, colors, pattern, and material. All aboard!

brunette woman briskly walking through the forest while wearing denim top and bottom

Double Denim

Remember 2001 AMA, where Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore all denim? If they can do it, we can too, right? Of course with some discretion because you'll look like you traveled to the future from 2001. I like the modern take on it now; not so 2001 Britney. Denim is a staple in everyone's closet and it'll never go away.

to the left: bearded man is in a 2-piece different grey colored suit with a white collared shirt and red necktie. on the right: a curly brunette woman is wearing white collarless top with a same grey colored powersuit

Office Wear

Everyone looks amazing in office wear. Let's imagine that you want to make a great first impression; how are you dressed? Forget the context (irrelevant) and I bet you said, "Office wear", right? Something about a clean crisply dressed lady or gentleman just spikes your interest, right? This is one style that's timeless.

a brunette woman is wearing a shiny 3/4 sleeve dress while sitting on a white couch


Whether it's accessories (i.e., bags, shoes, jewelry, and more) and/ or the entire outfit. Shiny is going to be ever-so-present this fall and winter. I am loving it! I plan on mixing all of the different types of metals. Not only just accessories but as in outfits as well. It can turn a great ensemble into something dazzling.

woman wearing black leather jacket and gold colored satin shirt

[Patent or not] Leather

James Dean has made the leather jacket iconic. It will never go out of style; however, just like the "Double Denim" look, the whole outfit of leather will be common this Fall and Winter. Also, I saw that patent leather will be coming in strong, too, which is interesting because The Matrix came out 1999 (a whole 18 years ago). Talk about a flashback.

woman leaning against a fossilized tree root while sunbathing in a leopard patterned dress with a view of a large body of water in the background


Leopard is just a beautiful pattern and it can accentuate your outfit when done correctly. It makes people look so exotic and I have yet to see leopard looking terrible on someone. Some would say that it's played out but I would like to say that it's perfect for Fall when brown hues are abundant.

snow briskly falling down upon the red headed woman dressed in a fur trimmed puffer jacket

Puffer Outerwear

Not sure if LA will be cold enough to wear puffer jackets. But this trend is one I'm less excited about since there hasn't been one that highlights a women's figure. Instead, the jacket makes women look like the Michelin Man. Surprisingly, I did see a couple this year in Paris Fashion Week runway.

profile view of red-headed women dressed in a tan colored fur hooded jacket

[Faux and Real] Fur

I've seen this trend repeating and don't think it'll ever go out of style. However, it is interesting how it evolves and morphs into current styles. Remember fur vests? I found mine from 2013 and attempted to revive it this past fall but something looked off. I looked dated. I guess some things aren't classic pieces to save in your closet like the LBD (Little Black Dress). Time to update my faux fur collection.

Asian women leaning against a railing dressed in a black and white winter floral patterned dress

Winter Floral

Spring florals. Summer florals. Now Winter florals. Almost a year of flower prints. Some might say it's an overkill but I think winter florals are brilliant. It brings bloom in such supposed gloom [weather/ season]. The subtle difference is the romantic quality of it and I'm on the hunt for the perfect piece this season. The Darker hues, long sleeve, and maxi cut just exude romance.

What are you looking forward to?
Cheers, XO.



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