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How to Make Your Clothes Fit You Perfectly

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One size does NOT fit all including clothing sizes like small, medium or large. We all come in every beautiful shape and form so to think that a generic "small", "medium" or "large" would fit everybody perfectly is unreal. For example, I order medium-sized maxi dresses and it typically fits well except it's too long and drags everywhere (picture a "human broom" sweeping everything and everywhere I go). Does that mean I spend time hunting for the "unicorn" maxi(s)? No, I love all maxis from [practically] every brand plus there's no way I'll purchase a size smaller either (comfort yet stylish is my go-to fashion) so then what are my options?

There are options but the real question is what's your short vs. long term game plan? Are you wondering why I ask that question? It's to determine what you're willing to spend to achieve the look you want. I'm a stylish thrifty shopper which means if I buy something I will wear often. Fashion is an investment.

First thing, make sure to wash, as instructed, couple times before altering your item(s) since there will be shrinkage. If it still doesn't fit perfectly, then check the options below:

Option 1 (temporary quick fix): 

  • A unique way to shorten the length without permanent alterations.
    • Knot the bottom of dresses-- Jazz up your outfit with a knot and give it flareBlogger: Mommy in Flats wearing Floral Bouquet Maxi Dress with a bright blue backgroundInstagram user classymamadesigns wearing Floral Maxi Dress. Lower view
    • Belt it-- Use a thick belt to hide the excess fabric and bring the length up to secure it underneath the beltslender, blonde woman leaning on white chair wearing belted, floral dress
    • Safety pins-- Use safety pins to shorten the length by faking a re-waisting from the inside but you'll still need something to cover it up (i.e., belt) on the outside. collage of safety pin temporary maxi dress length fix
    • 1) Flip inside out and fold the amount of fabric you need shortened. I needed 4 inches off so I can wear it with flats. 2) Grab all your safety pins and pin them close to the empire line from the inside. 3) You should have more safety pins closer to each other so it's more secure 4) Flip inside out again review your pseudo-hem to see if you need to secure with more safety pins. The line might not be straight but don't worry, you'll cover that with a belt. 😁

Option 2 (semi-permanent):

  • A middle ground between leaving it as is and getting it permanently tailored.
    • Hem tape-- Purchase an iron-on hem tape like Dritz Stitch Witchery and use as instructed to the bottom of the dress. It may not look professional but it gets the job done and is more secure. 
    • Sew-- if you have the knowledge and know-hows, try. Practice makes perfect and you won't spend additional money so it's very budget-friendly.

hands of a someone hand sewing something

Option 3 (permanent)

  • Find your local dry cleaners:
    • You can just search "tailors and alteration near me" into your preferred search engine and a list of qualified professionals will pop-up. Don't forget to take your preferred shoes (i.e., flats and high heels) to see what length you want your maxis. Professionals will measure you there.woman with curls is measure and fixing an article of clothing
    • DIY-- if you're capable of doing it yourself and great at sewing then measure, cut, and sew. 
There's so many options to choose from but I prefer option 3 to get professional alteration (it's headache-free). Once fixed, I don't have to worry about how it fits since it was tailored for me so it's an Avery (sorta) Original. What are some other options that I'm missing? Please share.

Cheers, XO.



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