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Beach Life.


Beach Life.  There is something so serene about the beach.  In the morning, it can be the perfect backdrop for a Zen meditation or a morning run.  In the afternoon, you can doze off and get some sun (with some SPF, of course) to recharge.  Watch the sunset on a bicycle ride.  At night, you can look off where the water collides with the sky.  If you are into viewing stars at night, this is a great place to be.  



The beach will forever be our zen place.  Not to mention, you basically get a free pedicure if you dare to walk barefoot.  For some of us, getting to the beach is not always an easy task.  But that should not stop us from living the beach lifestyle.  


Today, we have created a Beach Life collection for you to transport yourself to the seashore.  We have maxi dresses that flow effortlessly with the wind and makeshift cover-ups when your ready to head out to get some food.  Let us know which one you would wear the next time you go to the beach.

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Unique item of the day

Unique Item of the Day.  If we're going to go to the beach, we might as well go tropical.  Channel the botanical gardens through your #OOTD.  Be romantic with your significant other while you sip out of coconut shell (even if it's in your living room with tropical music playing).  This dress will take you there.  Check out the Brooke Tropical Swing Dress for your future dream tropical vacation or staycation.


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