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Spring Boho Embroidery. 


Do you remember in high school when you would get a varsity jacket?  You would get your name, class, and the extracurriculars you were a part of embroidered on the jacket.  This is a perfect example of how the little details add a personal touch to your style.  





Embroidery itself has cycled its way through fashion and, through history, can be seen in many different cultures around the world.  Now that we no longer need a person to spend hours on hand stitching these details, embroidered items are much easier to come by and allow us to express ourselves through the details.  


Today we have rounded up our boho items that have a touch of embroidery.  Half of these items are made from the super soft and breathable rayon material, the other half made with a cotton blend.  The small details of the embroidery will really make your wardrobe pop.  


Click on the photo to go to the items page:


Fashion Inspo of the Day

How cute does @OOTD_IN_STYLE look in this top?  She wrote about this top and a super cute velvet dress in her blog post "Spring Finds."  Make sure to check it out to see how she styled this top and for more #ootd fashion inspo.  

Get the top here: Floral and Lace Bell Sleeve Top


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