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Shop the Feed: Combo #2 - Stripes and Florals Unite

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Combo #2 - Stripes and Florals unite


Combo # 2.  Sometimes, you just want more than just stripes or just florals.  Why limit yourself when you can have both. 


Strategic placement and the pattern itself is very important for when you mix these patterns.  You generally want to either accentuate one, or you can find a perfect balance between the two patterns.  

Today, we have found some new items that have the perfect balance of both in one item.  No longer do you have to choose between Stripes or Florals.  Now you can have both.  



Click on the photo to go to the items page:







#TravelTipTuesday.  Have you ever packed for a week-long trip, only to run out of outfits to wear two days in?  I have so many times.  When I would grab X many tops, X many pants/skirts, I would always be at a loss once I get there. 


I would try all the remaining items in different combinations and hated it.  Either the fit was completely off or the combo was missing one item.  In the end, I would end up with a suitcase full of clothes that I would never wear on the trip.  


Let's stop that today.  Next time you are packing for your trip, try your clothes on at home. 


Make different outfits.  See what you can wear multiple times, and what you can only wear a few times.  Our friend Jamie ( has a series of blog post on how to wear just 5 items in 5 days. 



Check the fit, make sure you are comfortable with the items you are bringing.  Don't throw in a new dress only to find out it is either too tight or baggy in all the wrong places.  


After you see what works and what does not.  Make sure you have all the undergarments and special accessories as well. 

Then take photos.  I like to take flat lays of the different outfits. (Our friend CarissaBMitch also has some amazing examples of a flat lay.  Check her out here) Sometimes I will even print them out to have a lookbook for the vacation. 



If you are in a rush or need minimal effort, take a #ootd selfie in the mirror.  This will help you pack less and not spend so much time trying to figure out what to wear when you are on vacation.  

*Click on the photos to check out the Instagram Posts for these Flat Lays.  



 Unique item of the Day

Unique item of the Day.  How cute are these pants?  They have a floral print in a stripe pattern, they are loose fitting and are cuffed at the bottom.  Pair them with a blouse to create a power suit or pair them with a Boho basic top for an easy look.  Click on the photo above to get them.  Let us know, how would you pair these pants?


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