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Shop the Feed: Comfy Cozy Sunday Mornings

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New Arrivals: Comfy Cozy Fashion

Pug wrapped in a fuzzy blanket - Comfy Cozy Sunday Morning - GOZONCOM - 1/28/2018

Sunday mornings.  If you plan your week right, Sunday mornings are the best.  I plan my week to have my to-do list completed by Saturday afternoon, including cleaning and planning the week to come. Why you may ask?  Well, I reserve Sunday for me. 


Sunday is my self-care day.  I choose to do things that I love, including cooking a big brunch, catching up on all of my TV shows and I have a much deserved Spa Day at home, #WorkHardPlayHard.  


While I am lounging around the house with a hair mask, comfortable clothes are a must.  I need something I can move around in and that stretches with me.  I also want to look cute just in case I run to the local market.  Everyone's requirement for comfy clothes are different depending on their lifestyle.  We want to know, what are some of your requirements for comfy clothes? 


Today we have a list of all of our comfortable New Arrivals.  


Click on the photo to go to the items page:



Unique item of the day

Cozy Sweaters.  Whether you live in Los Angeles or the Mid-West, a comfy hoodie is a must.  Yes, we all love our neutral/basic hoodies, however, sometimes we need a statement piece we can throw on and go.  If you love floral and stripes, don't pick and choose.  You can have both.  We love our Leah Stripe Floral Hoodie with jeans or leggings for an effortless look.  Click on the photo above to check out this hoodie.  


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