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New Arrivals - Floral Vacation

Floral Vacation.  Winter is here, but we are looking forward to warm weather.  


When I was a kid, during the winter I would imagine myself in Hawaii as waited for the bus to arrive to take me to school.  Transporting myself to warm weather, I put mind over matter and would instantly stop shaking from the cold 15-degree windchill.  


While I don't use this trick as much in Los Angeles, I still believe in the power of will.  Try this the next time you are super cold, waiting outside and let me know if it worked for you.  


Whether you have an upcoming vacation or dreaming of a warm getaway, tropical prints help set the vibe and may even transcend you to your dream vacation on the beach.  We've rounded up a few tropical items for you.  Comment 👇 where your dream vacation would be.  


Click on the photo to go to the items page: 



Unique item of the day

Tropical Jumpsuit?  Yes, please 🙋.  We are living for this jumpsuit.  After our super popular Plunging V-Neck Jumpsuit, we thought we would bring you a new jumpsuit you would be comfortable, chic and a statement piece.  Whether you are dreaming of a vacation spot, need a power suit for a meeting, or going to a girls brunch, this jumpsuit is there for you.  


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