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Jump into Jumpsuits

Jumpsuit. What is your first memory that comes to mind when you see a jumpsuit? For me, I always think of Lucille Ball, Rosie the Riveter and Britney Spears. All of these women would traditionally be seen in a dress or skirt, but the different choice to wear a jumpsuit always struck me to be genius.


Today, celebrities are seen in various types of jumpsuits that can be worn for every occasion. From the red carpet to casual brunches, each woman looks effortlessly put together. One part of that is getting the jumpsuit tailored to fit your body perfectly. The other part you'll notice is that the accessories and shoes they pair with the jumpsuit take it from toddler to tiara if done correctly.

At home, jumpsuits can take place of the normal legging and tunic "uniform" that so many of us fall into. Have a girls spa day in your house without feeling constricted from the waistband of your leggings. Have a movie marathon on the couch and feel like your wrapped in a blanket without feeling too tucked in.

Whichever mood you feel, there is a jumpsuit out there for you. We've created a collection of our favorite jumpsuits for a variety of different occasion.


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Travel Tip Thursday.  According to the CDC, you should change out your contact case at least every three months.  So how can we repurpose those cases?  Use them to carry small amounts of liquids or creams with you every day or on your next trip.  


On my last vacation to Flordia, I used this hack for my eye cream, face oils, and my lightweight moisturizer.  Rather than having 4 glass bottles to carry around, the contact cases did not take up as much room and I didn't worry about the bottles and containers from breaking.  



Unique Item of the Day

Unique Item of the Day. Everyone and their cousin has jumped on the stripe clothing trend. While more people are trying the jumpsuit trend, we thought we would bring you one that has a familiar stripe print.

Our Lillian Stripe Jumpsuit is great for those who want to dip their toes into this trend. It has a faux belt to break up the jumpsuit and pant legs that can go with sandals or heels. There is also a ruffle sleeve for added pop. Make sure to get this jumpsuit before it is gone.


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