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Shop the Feed: New Arrivals - Starting with the Basics

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New Arrivals: Starting with the Basics 

Going Back to the Basics.  We all know the importance of a good foundation.  You need to learn the fundamentals of geometry to attempt calculus.  To make a great gravy or pan sauce, you need to cook the roux properly.  Having a good foundation is especially important for our wardrobe.  You need the right basics to mix in your statement pieces.  If you do not, might suffer from #nothingtowear.  

There are a few pieces you must have to start your wardrobe.  Search "wardrobe basics" in Pinterest, and you will see rows of pins for inspiration (some even have checklists).  Of course, there are a few requirements for your basics to successfully be mixed in. Fit and quality are very important.  You also need to ask, "does it fit my color palate?".  If you want to build a capsule wardrobe, this is what you should always start with.  

Please remember, basics will make your statement pieces stand out.  They will also make creating a last minute outfit easier.  Whether a statement necklace, super cute shoes or a printed skirt, you will be able to balance out your #ootd to shine rather than clash. 


Today we have a list of all of our new Basics pieces.  


Click on the photo to go to the items page:



New Year, New Us.  GOZON.COM

There is always room for improvement.  We wanted to let you know that we are always working on becoming better.  With that, we redesigned the website for you.  Along with the new design, now you can like the items you are loving and you can check our daily new arrivals.  

We also wanted to thank you for all your support during our first year of being open.  You are the reason we can make improvements like this.  You are our reason for continuing to make these improvements for you.  Thank you for supporting us.  We appreciate it more than you can imagine.  




Unique item of the day

A solid midi dress is a lifesaver.  The length is perfect when you are in a pinch to create an outfit that you will be comfortable in all day.  You can accessorize to add your personal style with jewelry, a cardigan and some cute shoes.  I even wear my sneakers with my midi dresses all the time to work or to run errands.  Today, we are featuring our Basic Flowy Midi Dress.  She has pockets and can be transformed from day to night with ease.  She also will be with you when you change seasons. 

Click on the photo above to get her today.  


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