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Shop the Feed: New Arrivals - Maxi Dresses

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New Arrivals - Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses.  If you do not have a staple Maxi dress, you need to take the plunge.  Maxi dresses are great for those who need an outfit they can throw on and take on the world.  They can also be super romantic on a date night.  Mix them with your cardigans or jean jackets to change the vibe.  Whether you get a basic Maxi or one that makes a statement, Maxi's are an easy element to add to your wardrobe.  

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    Click on the photo to go to the items page: 


    Bonus Points: 

    Almost all of our Maxi's have pockets. 

    We know how important that is for your phone, wallet, snacks & your chapstick/lipstick.  We've got you covered.  


    Fashion Inspo of the Day

    Today's Fashion Inspiration is Jess from The Simplicity Journal.  She did a blog post for this dress and talks mommy fashion tips.  You can check out her blog post "Valentine's Date Night Outfit" here.  Click on the photo above to check out the dress.  


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