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Relaxed Fit - Kick back and relax

Relaxed Fit.  There is nothing better than comfy clothes that actually look good on you.  Long gone are the days of wearing those tee shirts that you get from running a 10K with some basketball shorts to lounge in all day.  

There is something about getting up in the morning and putting together an outfit to signify the start of a new day.  But, if you are staying indoors or want to be super comfortable all day, you're not always going to reach for a fitted dress or top.  You want something you can move in and stretch out across the couch in.  


Today we have some of our new arrivals and a variation of our past favorite that has a relaxed fit.  Get comfortable on the couch and check out it.  


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Quick Tip Tuesday

Clumpy eyelashes.  Sometimes, that is the look you want to go for.  For me, I sometimes need that clump.  For my more natural days though, I want to layer on the mascara.  You can really only do that if you are adding thin layers of mascara at a time.  But, how can you get a thin layer of mascara when so much product comes off on the brush?  There is a really easy solution for this.



You want to be careful with your mascara.  You do not want to pump air in the tube (just rotate the wand to get more product).  You also do not want to wipe off the excess in the top of the tube.  We've all done it, I still do it from time to time.  That just leads to build up and more clumps. 



The best way to remove the excess product is to place the tip in a tissue and to rotate the wand.  This way you are getting off most of the excess product and allows you to build.  For those who will say you will be wasting the product, please know you should be changing out your mascara at least every three months anyway.  Eye infections are not cute when they could have been prevented.  




When the brush almost looks clean, you will be able to build up the mascara, layer by layer with fewer clumps.  I got this tip from Wayne Goss on youtube.  Check out this link if you want to see the video for how to make this work.  If you try this, please let us know how it went.  



Unique item of the Day

Unique item of the Day. Talking about comfy clothes, T-Shirt Dresses can be the ultimate form of a comfy in one step.  Add a jacket and some converse to make a quick run to the market or you can add a scarf and a fuzzy cardigan to go to the movies.  Either way, you will be super comfy in this dress. Click on the photo above to check out the dress.


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