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New Arrivals - Ruffles

Ruffles.  When mixed into your #ootd or #ootn, ruffles can add that extra something to your outfit.  For some, ruffles add a romantic element to their personal style.  For others, ruffles can be used to mix in textures and give moment.  Adding a different dimension like that can step up your outfit.  They are coming back in full force this spring.  


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Fashion Inspo of the Day

Mommy Spring Fashion. Today, Jess at The Simplicity Journal, talks about her mommy friendly requirements for her spring wardrobe. She also reminds us that fashion is a great tool that we can use for an extra confidence boost and to feel sexy. #AintNothingWrongWithThat. Click on the photo above to check out her blog post.



Travel Tip Thursday.  We've all been there.  You did not have enough time to plan out what you are going to pack for a trip.  Maybe, you have no idea where to begin.  Once on your trip, you realize that you forgot something that you need.  When this happens, you only have a few options. 


If you are staying at a hotel, they generally have free essentials.  For my brother's wedding, I forgot to bring toothpaste and deodorant to the hotel.  Thankful the front desk concierge was able to help me out. 


In some cases, I've had to run to a local drugstore and paid way more for a product that I may only use twice.  Have you ever been there?


Over time, I figured out a way to ensure I have everything.  A week or two before I start packing, I start to write down every product I use.  I like to have it span for at least a week for those items you only need to use once in a while.  Things like a face mask or eye drops for my contacts that I only wear occasionally, I would totally forget to bring otherwise.


When you are ready to pack, first contact and coordinate with the others in your party.  This avoids having 4 full-size tubes of toothpaste at the tiny hotel sink or 3 different sets of shampoo and conditioner in the shower when you are only going to wash your hair once, maybe.  If your flying, this is especially important to speed you through security.  

Next, you want to condense and see what you have in a travel size.  Look at your list and see what you can cut.  I always overpack, so this part is essential.  Now, locate your travel size products so you don't spend your vacation money on what you already have.  I love sample size anything to try out product (I hate returning a full-size product I was not vibing with).  Sephora and Ulta have a great section for this.  Check if they have your holy grail items, then see what else is left on your list to get.  Having the travel size products ready to go for a trip makes packing a breeze.  If not, you can get the empty travel size bottles you can fill and label.  I've will even use the products they send in magazines (especially for hair products).    


I've used this system for a couple of years.  Now I pack much less than everyone else, but I also have all the things that everyone else forgot to bring (I love being the savior in a bind.)


Do you have any #traveltips that everyone else needs to know?  Help everyone out and share them in the comments.  


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