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Unique Finds

A good unique find is hard to come by.  Sometimes you want a piece that everyone will ask where you got it from or that will stand out in a crowd.  For some, their personal style has a signature print that they are always looking for.  Or maybe, it is a particular cut of a dress that you prefer to make you feel amazing inside and out.  




We are constantly hearing from you that they come for the unique items we carry.  Whether you are looking for a Camo print dress or a plaid jumpsuit, our buyer is always on the hunt for pieces that will speak specifically to you and your personal style.  



Today we have collected some of our newest unique finds.  We hope that one, if not all, will speak to you.  


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Let's talk SPF.  If you tan instead of just burning easily, SPF can sometimes be an afterthought.  We need to change that today.  A good SPF should be used every day all year round, even on a sunny day with snow on the ground or when it is cloudy outside.   



We also need to reapply the SPF often.  The number SPF you have signifies how often you should reapply.  If you have SPF of 50 (which is generally the highest amount of SPF you can actually get), you will need to reapply your every 50 minutes.  SPF of 30, every 30 minutes and so on.  If you want to prevent aging, this step is super important.  



So why are we talking about SPF?  Today our travel tip is to find SPF in a stick form.  Between the lotions, perfume and SPF lip balm I carry on a daily basis, the last thing I want to carry is another bottle of liquid that can explodes in my bag.  Instead, I carry a stick form that I purchased from Trader Joe's.  There are many other brands that carry a similar product. 


*Image from Trader Joe's blog post - check it out here.  


With the stick form, there is no excuss to not wear SPF.  For my impromptu trips to the beach, I have my sunscreen ready to apply.  When I go on vacation, this is especially valuable. 



I will throw it in my travel backpack and will swipe it on every 50 minutes onto my face and body (don't forget your hands and ears) while I am walking to the next park ride or walking to get another coffee when exploring the city.  It does not explode on me when it is hot outside which is also great. 


What are your travel tips that everyone needs to know?



Unique Item of the Day


Unique Item of the Day.  This top is business in the front, party in the back.  Throw on a blazer during work or to run errands for a business casual look, then for a lunch or drinks after, throw on some heels and a necklace and you are ready to go.  Check out the Mary Floral Mix Top while supplies last.  


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